Best Sightseeing Tours in Rio de Janeiro:


Rio de Janeiro is the 2nd largest city in Brazil, on the South Atlantic coast. Rio is fabled for its breathtaking landscape, its laid-back beach culture and its annual carnival. Although, their soccer skills here are well recognized. The harbor of Rio de Janeiro is made up of an original entry from the ocean which makes it seem to be the mouth of a river. The town was ruled by the Portuguese when they arrived on the soil of Guarabara on January 1st, 1502. The name Rio de Janeiro means River of January and the city is fabled for its natural setting, samba bossa nova and Balneario beaches. Museum of Tomorrow is one of the 2016 Olympics’most successful legacies, this groundbreaking science museum poses big questions about mankind’s future, inside an extraordinary neo-futurist building. Covering sets from geology to human nervous systems to smart cities, that is as far from a dusty, dry old museum since it gets. Immersive exhibits make powerful arguments for sustainability.Pedra do Sal is historically known as ‘Little Africa’, this is the better area for getting immersed in Rio’s vibrant musical heritage. Sugarloaf Mountain: Here’s the money shot: this tree-covered natural dome rising 1,299 ft above the harbor is one of Rio’s most recognizable symbols. At Christ the Redeemer, you’ll catch glimpses with this 98-feet-tall figure throughout Rio, but don’t miss out on ascending Mount Corcovado┬áto admire the iconic statue up-close. Still the best basis for visiting Rio seems to be the Carnaval. This highly-advertised party lasts for pretty much a couple of weeks and it established fact for the escolas de samba (samba schools) that parade in Centro, on a gigantic structure called Samb├│dromo (Sambadrome). During Carnaval, Rio has far more to offer though, with the blocos de rua, that parade on the streets. One of Rio’s most popular shores, Copacabana is really a public beach situated in one’s heart of the luxurious Zona Sul neighborhood. The beach is marked by postos, or lifeguard stands, offering changing rooms and restrooms for a tiny fee.

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