Vivo S-1 reviewed: Some Sudden entrant

There exists a fresh phone new in the town, also in the event that you should be searching for a system that delivers the appearance of an i-phone with no cost tag on a person, it’s going to surely capture your consideration.

Just merely landed, Vivo wants to earn a mark and a dent with the s 1, a sub-$500 mobile that appears as though it will be more expensive, as well as appears to supply features intended to catch attention for its purchase price point. Think three cameras and also a brilliant AMOLED monitor, and you’re going to start to see the Vivo s-1’s $449 pricetag appears to be appealing.

May be your vivo s1 a excellent phone offering solid price, or another midsize phone that neglects to be noticed?


Though Vivo is really a small fresh brand for Australia, there exists a fantastic chance you wont find the look to be that fresh. With an appearance harking back into the i-phone X and i-phone XS, and on occasion the Huawei P20 and P30 scope, the Vivo s-1 is so comfortable, even when it’s with way of a new that’s totally unknown.

Therefore, it is really a large screen on front and a 3 camera bulge in the trunk, essentially embracing a mode that you’ve absolutely seen before in the event that you have seen a phone at the last few years.

Vivo’s simply take from the s 1 does not create its substances as superior, having said that, therefore any expectation for substances such as metal or glass is going to be rushed. As an alternative, you will come across a vibrant colour on the plastic frame which feels a lot better than it might seem, even when it lacks both the potency and endurance of Hand sets made from materials that are superior.

That is true of this straight back, where nearly all of the glistening vinyl is evident, whereas the front is left mostly using a 6.4 inch screen you’re going to be depending upon, completing the 8.13mm-thick Vivo s-1 look.


Under this 6.4-inch screen, you will find MediaTek’s Helip P65 chip, a processor set that intends to provide mid-to-high-end apparatus a little of performance without choosing for the speedy Snapdragon models from Qualcomm.

Vivo has paired it with 6GB RAM along with 128GB storage, also a surprise with all it really is really a sub-$500 mobile, plus it supports micro sd, too.

There are Vivo’s flavour of Android 9″Pie” here, conducting the Vivo skin”Funtouch OS”, which just like another brand fresh mobile entrants starts with an iOS-inspired appearance.

There isn’t any 5G here, however, you’ll discover 3G and 4G, in addition to Bluetooth, GPS, along with wi fi, in addition to the elderly micro-usb jack, a 3.5millimeter headphone jack, and a fingerprint scanner built in to the human anatomy.

Vivo is providing three cameras to the 449 s 1, which range from A16 camera f-1.78 standard camera, an 8 camera f-2.2 for wideangle shots, and also a two mega pixel f-2.4 thickness camera. On the rear, you will come across that a 3 2 camera f-2.0 selfie camera.

That is encased in a plastic frame, casing a 4500mAh battery and also the complete H D + 6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen athletic 2340×1080, together with 2 buttons to the proper, a volume rocker and an electric button, that will be all about as ordinary as it gets, even though there exists a 3rd button across other border for tripping Google’s Assistant.

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